Terms of use Etherball

Etherball is online platform aiming in creating of interactive lists of guests and personal data exchange in specific locations and specific time. Etherball is linking people from real world (event) to the virtual world (social portals). Thanks to the Etherball service you can check the virtual profiles (i.e. Facebook or Linkedin profiles) of the people that are around you, send a discrete message to people around you, meet new interesting people with similar interests and save the list of guests from the event for later usage. These online services are subject to the terms and conditions set out below.

Last Updated: November 2012

Etherball is helping social portals like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ (and others) to grow and to be more attractive. Everyone defines himself how much personal data wants to share with others (every guest had to set his privacy settings on social portal and writes himself data that he wants to share with others).

Etherball - online service platform at network address www.etherball.com. The Etherball website enables people to create "local guests lists" and downloading it or sending to e-mail just by clicking one button. It is possible via creating "virtual list of guests" on Etherball website and people (event guests) registration to these lists by giving special password that is visible only at given location in a real world (nowhere else). This password changes every 15 minutes so you can be sure that on the list of guests are only the people who have seen the password. Lists of guests are the lists of social portal profile pictures which are in fact simple links to the social portal profile of each particular guest that have registered himself (click on picture to find this person social media profile). Registration to the list of guests at etherball.com takes usually less than 20 second! It can be even faster if you scan QR code.

Visitor (guest) - a person who visited Etherball website without creating user account. No login is required if you are just a guest. You have already your social portal account (facebook, LinkedIn or other)! Use it to sign up for the list of guests.

User (event or place manager) - a person who created a user account on Etherball website (registration process). Only this person can create a list of guest for this person place or for this person event. Login as event manager is required for this person (on the Etherball website) in order to enable this person to use the full spectrum of Etherball services. Some services of the Etherball portal might require payments from event or place managers side. Event manager (organizer) - a person who created a virtual list of the quests on Etherball.com website. It can be also anyone who is interested in creating his own list of guests and sharing it with others for any other purposes.

Privacy statement
Guests - your privacy is under your control. Everyone that have created his account on social platform (i.e. on Facebook) had to accept its own privacy policy. Etherball is just linking people to social platforms. Users - Etherball will do its' best to keep your e-mail addresses , usernames and passwords confidential. Event managers (organizers) - the same rules as for users.

Every guest, user and event manager (organizer) is responsible for the content published on his public profile. Etherball keeps its individual right to kick, block or remove any location or visitor at any time if there is suspicious of braking usage of law or Etherball portal terms of use.

Pyment rules - fees.
Adding yourself to the list of guests (as event visitor) will be always for free :). The event organizers (event managers) can register themselves for free but they have to pay for service of creating a lists of guests (a separate table of charges per list per hosting time can is available for registered users). Sometimes creating the list of guest can be done within frame of special promotion (each promotion has its own terms and conditions that event managers will accept when applying for it). The regular payments applies only for the event managers or organizers. Etherball keeps its right to change this policy at any time. The users and event organizers (event managers) will be informed in advance of at least 2 weeks about planned changes of payment rules and they will have the possibility to take appropriate actions before the changes will be applied. Simply saying: no hidden tricks from our side.

Right to delete account or guest's list.
Every event manager (organizer) has the right to delete his list of guests. Every user has the right to delete his account. Etherball can block ( in some cases even delete) the list of guest or user account if there is a serious suspicion of breaking the law or infringing any trademark or any other intellectual property.

Use of Etherball
By using Etherball service you declare that:
1) you are at least 18 years old,
2) you are using your own social portal account to register yourself as a guest,
3) you are a person that is not aiming in taking any harmful actions against any person, institution, company, website or society group,
4) you will not remove any proprietary rights or notices from the data received form Etherball,
5) you have read the Etherball terms of use and you accept them.

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